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All the World's a StageAll the World's a StageAll the World's a Stage

Acting classes for Kids, Teens and Adults

About Us


 Little Theatre School began in New York and is one of the oldest professional schools in the United States., Little Theatre School has been helping children, teens and adults bring out their inner superstar.

With years of experience as an acting teacher, choreographer and singing arrangement coach, Joanie has earned her reputation as a star maker. Teaching classes to students whose ages range from four years old to adult, Joanie’s focus is on providing individualized attention that brings out the best in each pupil. 

Many of her students have gone on to achieve professional success in the entertainment field.

Booking jobs for our students

 Scores of our trained and qualified students have made it to stardom. Our students have worked in numerous areas of the entertainment industry, including:

  • Movies
  • TV Commercials
  • Broadway
  • Music Videos
  • Print for Leading Magazines
  • Television Shows
  • Model Pageants

 In addition, Little Theatre School's students have been awarded thousands of dollars in scholarships to private high schools and colleges.

Everyone is born with some kind of natural talent. When a person is shy or outgoing, theatrical, musical, or creative, professional training helps to develop their individual qualities for life.

We believe in reaching out and teaching our students to have respect and compassion for others through performing and entertaining with community service, social functions, and fundraising events.

Evaluation and attention is directed toward the individual’s creativity/imagination, as well as clarity of speech and self-discipline. Acting classes include “on-camera” instruction in preparation for auditions/interviews for TV commercials, documentaries, and films. “Live Theatre” on our own stage prepares students to attain maximum performance as an individual.

We teach all ages

Children's Acting Classes

Kids acting class in Aventura, Miami, Florida

Children's ages 4 to 7 years old learning basic acting skills using costumes and props creating fun scenes from movies and TV 

Kids Acting Classes

Kids acting class in Miami Aventura Florida

Kids ages 8 -12 learning monologues and scenes from movies and B'way plays

Getting them ready for castings for TV and Film

Teens Acting Classes

Teens Acting class in Miami Florida Aventura

Teens ages 13 - 15 working on improvisations and acting scenes, monologues , TV commercials and Audition interviews  

Adults Acting Classes

Adults Acting class in Miami , Aventura, Hollywood Florida Fort lauderdale

Adult Classes in Acting & Public Speaking

 Young and mature adults turn to acting for stirring creative energy and expression.
Adults bring to the performing arts a lifetime rich in human experience. They have witnessed world-shaking events, experienced joy, suffering, good-fortune, and adversity.
What better vehicle than the stage for the dramatization of their special insights. Adults can represent living history, issue-related plays or for the joy of their acting abilities to entertain. .

Golden Age Acting Classes

seniors,  55  and up acting class in Aventura Miami Florida

One of our most successful courses.

You’re never too old to enjoy the fun of learning something new. At the Little Theatre School, adults are discovering the theatre for a variety of reasons. 

Social connections, self satisfactions and gaining self confidence 

Public speaking classes

Public speaking classes in Aventura, Miami, South Florida

This course is designed to develop the speaking voice as an instrument of communication on or off stage.

This includes articulation, intonation, phrasing and self confidence 

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